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22nd Ramadan 1439H/ 7th June 2018

#QuranHour is a campaign to encourage every individual to Read, Understand and Apply the values from Al-Quran in daily lives from the soul of compassion. It is meant to inspire the Ummah to unleash a genuine Muslim character based on Quranic mindset.

World #QuranHour to be held on the 22nd of Ramadan 1439H / 7th of June 2018 is set to become the biggest campaign  platform yet, capable of unifying the global Muslim Ummah under the banner of the Al-Quran capturing the spirit of 10 blessed days in end Ramadan, worldwide. It is a beacon of commitment to do nothing but to reform. It is meant to unite the hearts of the Ummah – irrespective whether they are leaders, media practitioners or commoners – with the Al-Quran as its centerpiece.

The values enshrined by Al-Quran acknowledges diversity in humanity. Al-Hujurat as a formula to elucidate upon a series of life-giving commandments of Akhlaq (Ethics and Morality) and social interaction method.


9th Zulhijjah 1439H/ 21st August 2018

Arafah #QuranHour on the 9th of Zulhijjah in Mecca every year is a very significant program for the Muslim worldwide. #QuranHour during the performance of Hajj is an encouragement for the Muslim to appreciate the meaning of Al-Quran so that it becomes an action item for the pilgrims to practice and spread its messages as soon as they return to their respective countries. Arafah #QuranHour is expected to provide platform for a  total mindset change and self transformation  into Quranic operating system.

30th August 2018

Malaysia #QuranHour to be held on 30th of August 2018 is a call for the people to truly understand the real sense of independence and the underlying foundation in building a sustainable and progressive nation through divine solution; Al-Quran. It is a campaign to set a stage for people to unleash their full potential and their drive of excellence through the formula commended in Al-Quran.
By understanding the contents of Al-Quran at least 1 hour a day, 365 days a year Al-Quran can be a source of guidance to humankind regardless of religion, ideology or ethnic background.

Throughout the year

My Family #QuranHour is the heart of the campaign. Following incidents of which cooperation and compassion among multiracial societies are threatened by divisive forces, returning to the basic as manifested in Al-Quran is increasingly important in protecting the family institution. Thus, #savingfamilies continues as a 100 years legacy programme intended to unify the people to build a great nation through strengthening the family bonding by applying the principles and formula guided by Al-Quran.

365 days a year

My #QuranHour is the main aim for this campaign, at least One Hour with al-Quran 365 days a year, anywhere.
The campaign is to encourage every individual to read, understand and apply the values from the Quran in their daily lives from the soul of compassion.
It is about creating Quranic Mindset and Quranic Operating System in their souls and eventually unleash Quranic values in their Character.

Reflection of Al-Fatihah, as a concise framework of human way of life; defining key stone habit through Al-Quran, Solat and Infaq (QSI) with leadership success factor from Al-Baqarah Ayat 1-5; safeguarding the hearts through enjoining the good and forbidding evil from Surah Yasin; good family governance from Surah Luqman, and Surah An-Naml, all  are applied as pertinent principles for developing a progressive and an ideal civilized nation.

These are comprehensive Quranic Model as enunciated in the Al-Quran. If those conditions and ethical injunctions in the circle of Surahs are acted upon within all levels of societies, we would be able to have a peaceful living atmosphere, full of tolerance, consideration and contentment, free from ill-treatments and unethical traits among members of the societies.

These #QuranHour campaign, are supported by more than 1150 Rumah Ngaji (Free Quranic Learning Centres). Rumah Ngaji prepares a platform for the Ummah to learn the beauty of understanding and reflecting Al-Quran in their daily lives.  WUIF aims to nurture unity among people and strengthening the Ummah through Al-Quran. With the grace of Allah, Sahabat Quran as our volunteers among members of societies, who uphold the same mission and vision together with WUIF will contribute their ideas, expertise and energy in mobilizing the campaign all along the way without no other intention but for Allah #BuatKeranaAllah.






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