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Keramat #QuranHour 3.0 bring families and the community together

Keramat #QuranHour 3.0 bring families and the community together

BY: Maryam Spahic

For the third time since its launch in December 2017, Keramat #QuranHour with the theme #SavingFamilies was held at the Taman Tasik Datuk Keramat on the 25th of February 2018 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

The Keramat #QuranHour 3.0 is part of the one-year Keramat Lab campaign that is a joint effort to try and bring families and the community together to learn and act upon the Quranic teachings. It aims to curb social issues and unite the community regardless of social class, race and age all for the sake of a better self and nation.

The event kicked off with a performance by the As Salam Buskers followed by Quranic recitation by Fatimah Az Zahraa Muwafik and Brother Ahmad Aiman. At only 6 years old, Fatimah has memorised 7 juz’ of the Holy Quran. Their melodious voices shook the whole park through the loud sound system, while simultaneously melting the hearts of the audience.

Fatimah Az Zahraa Muwafik, at only 6 years old, she has memorised 7 juz’ of the Holy Quran.


Ustaz Safri Muhammad Zein then gave an enlightening and inspirational lecture on the reflections of Surah Al-Fajr, highlighting and emphasizing on the importance of sharing one’s wealth with the less fortunate or infaq.

It is a balance of serious and fun stuff at the Keramat #QuranHour 3.0 with the first ever #SolatExplorace organised by Rumah Ngaji @ Nurhidayah (Akademi Tahfiz Al-Hidayah) and Pertubuhan Ikram Malaysia (Ikram). It is an exciting way for children to learn and enjoy the five daily prayers, instilling in them the value that prayers are not a chore but a relaxing break from our hectic daily lives.

In the spirit of ‘sharing is caring’, an Infaq market (Pasar Infaq Ummah) was also set up at the event where people bring their unused belongings that are still in good condition as well as new items to the venue for the people who need the items more. They were free to browse through to the Infaq market to pick up the things they need free of charge.

The Infaq market is held on every Keramat #QuranHour that is held on a monthly basis at the same location. Anyone who would like to contribute is most welcome to do so.

Additionally, a group of families from the Keramat community received a pack of daily essential goods such as rice and oil. Donations collected during and after the event will be used for the next batch of recipients during the following month’s Keramat #QuranHour. This is an ongoing charity project that will benefit those in need.

Some of the daily essential goods donated to the needy during Keramat #QuranHour




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